Are you looking for refrigeration equipment?

Caterhut are the UK’s premier supplier of refrigeration equipment to the catering industry. We provide a comprehensive range of beverage displays, coldrooms, refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated preparation, display refrigeration, multidecks and medical refrigeration. We like to believe that we have the largest choice across the UK suppliers. We pride ourselves on international links. We have a multitude of cold solutions, table top preparation units chilled bottle coolers, including display servery units, For deli shops, coffee shops and butchers and others. If there is something which you are looking for but can’t find, we will do our best to track down that product for you at the best possible price.

To highlight some of our great products, we have selected some of our most popular refrigerated equipment below:

Coreco Salad Prep Counter for only £1,493.00 with the following specification:

  • refrigerated equipmentAISI-304 18/10 stainless steel exterior
  • AISI-304 18/10 stainless steel interior, stamped bottom and rounded corners
  • Doors with self closing system, blocked opening, magnetic gasket and possibility of changing the opening sense
  • Rear-door by stamped steel
  • AISI-30418/10 stainless steel worktop, capacity for GN-1/3-100 containers (see detail)
  • Glass cover with shelf
  • Shelves made of plasticized steel wire, height adjustable by stainless steel slides
  • AISI -304 18/10 adjustable legs, 125 to 200 mm
  • Removable and fan assisted condenser unit
  • Fan assisted evaporator, with anticorrosion coating.
  • Automatic evaporation of defrost water
  • 40 Kg/m³ density polyurethane insulation, low GWP and zero ODP effect
  • Energy efficient digital controller of temperature and defrost
  • Operating temperature 0°C +8°C , 32°C ambient


If you love your wine, you’ll be serious about storing it in optimum conditions to keep it at its best. Many businesses opt for cellar cooling units to install in their cellars which control the climate by adding cool air in and removing warm air, sending it to an exhaust room. This isn’t your standard air-conditioning unit – it is designed specifically to maintain a 50-70% humidity, meaning it’s perfect for keeping your wine… perfect!

refrigerated equipmentThis Blizzard Cellar Control Evaporator and condenser is just the unit you need, with the following specification:

  • Defrost Automatic Temperature +14C to +4C
  • Exterior Finish Stainless Steel
  • Height (mm) 450 Width (mm) 805 Depth (mm) 475
  • Air Throw 12 metres
  • Electronic controller for low temps (+4°C).
  • R407c refrigerant. Ambient 27°C.
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Bottle coolers are a great form of beverage display

Bottle coolers have two great functions, one is to keep all types of bottles at the correct serving temperature and the other is as a great point of sale mechanism. For bar, club and coffee shop owners, beverage display unit are a great way of promotion products through display at the point of sale. Arranging products in an attractive manor within the beverage display has a proven record of achieving more sales. Caterhut has a huge range of beverage display units including under counter, free standing upright units, double door units, single door units and wine beverage display units.

One of the most popular units which Caterhut offer is the Lec BC6007 single door bottle cooler which holds up to 106 bottles.  The unit also offers energy efficient LED lighting as standard. The specification of this unit is:

  • beverage displayBlack painted steel exterior Single, self closing door
  • Enhanced refrigeration system and insulation – Low energy consumption and environmentally friendly Forced air cooling – Enables fast temperature recovery after door opening or restocking Removable and replaceable door seal
  • External temperature display Lockable – For added security LED Lighting – using up to 7% less energy than standard lighting units LED Internal lighting lasts longer compared to standard lighting
  • 2 x chrome shelves
  • 106 x 330ml bottle capacity – ( approx 106 bottles)
  • R600a refrigerant
  • Temperature range +2C – +10C
  • Dimensions 600w x 500d x 900h
  • Rating 13A
  • Average delivery Timescale: 2-4 Working Days
  • 2 Years Parts & Labour Warranty

For more information and to buy this product:

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How caterers can save money without sacrificing quality of Catering Equipment

If managed correctly, the catering industry can be a lucrative business to be in. With weddings, birthdays, events and corporate events, the catering business is an extremely competitive one but if you have the right skills then you could make a real success. In the current climate and with so many competitors, it is more important than ever for caterers to try and save money where they can without sacrificing on quality. In order to keep your client base and attract new business, quality is something that caterers just cannot afford to compromise on. So how can caterers save money in their business without risking the quality of their product?


Premises can be an incredibly expensive cost for a catering business to have. Rent on most units is going to be high not to mention the equipment and cost to kit it out with everything you need. As an attempt to save money where you can try to find premises that are on the outskirts of your town or city as the rent on those is likely to be far cheaper than those within the city. If at all possible, you can save vast amounts of money by working from home. If you have a space at home that can be converted to accommodate your business then this could potentially save you a fortune on rent and rates.


If you are a new catering business then you could benefit greatly from saving money on the equipment you need. Rather than buying everything from new, why not see what savings you can make by purchasing re-furbished or second hand equipment. The market is crammed full of deals on catering equipment and much of it is at discounted prices.

Don’t go buying equipment that you don’t need. If there is something you require but it is likely to be a one off need or a once in a blue moon requirement then consider renting that piece of equipment rather than buying it outright. Equipment can be one of the most expensive outlays for a catering business but you can save money by searching around for deals.

The other option is to find premises with an affordable rent that already has all the catering equipment you need and is completely kitted out to suit your business. This could save you a considerable amount of money but be aware that if you lose your premises then you will have no equipment.


As a catering company the ingredients you use are crucial as they need to be both affordable but of a high standard. However, there are ways of saving money on the ingredients you buy. Many caterers and even restaurants choose to use locally sourced ingredients from local farmers and shops as these can often be not only cheaper but also fresher. Working with other local business is a great way to boost local business but it also saves you money and increases your profits.

If you manage your catering business sensibly and do all you can to cut costs in areas that don’t affect your quality then you could make some great savings and increase your profit margins.

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Quality restaurant equipment makes all the difference

It’s an age old saying that if you buy cheap, you buy twice but Caterhut offer quality restaurant equipment at a discounted price, meaning you don’t have to buy cheap alternatives to get what you want. A great example of this is the Caterhut gas tabletop griddle at only £219.99, almost 25% cheaper than similar alternatives. It features:

  • Dimensions: L550 D515 H240
  • Kg: 23.00
  • Supply: Gas  Kw Gas: 5
  • Capacity: 545x350mm
  • Average Delivery Timescale: 5-7 Working Days

This is a great price fr such a quality item, Find out more:

restaurant equipmentOne other piece of restaurant equipment which a busy restaurant can’t be without is a dishwasher. Caterhut offer a fantastic range of Classeq dishwashers and amazing prices, a great example is the Classeq HYDRO 750 Dishwasher 500 Basket Size, it offers:

  • High volume undercounter dishwasher with built-in chemical dispensers
  • 18 Dinner Plates Per Rack
  • Gravity Drain Machine
  • 500 x 500mm Basket
  • Size 3 Minute Cycle Time
  • Double Skin Insulation Built In Detergent & Rinse Aid
  • Dispensers Dimensions 550w x 625d x 845h
  • Rating 32A or 13A
  • 1 Year Parts & Labour Warranty

To find out more please visit:


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Ice cream display from a fridge to an ice cream maker

Everyone loves an ice cream on a hot summers day but how are you displaying your ice cream? You might have the most amazing ice cream but unless it looks amazing, sales can be a struggle. Ice cream display units are a fantastic way to advertise your product instead of keeping it hidden away in a conventional fridge. Find out more about Caterhut ice cream display units here:

Another great item which is a must for all ice cream outlets is an ice cream maker, once of the most popular on market is the GELATO 10K Ice Cream Maker 10kg/per hour, Manufactured in Italy.

ice cream displayGelato Pro 10K. Powerful and easy to use. It is suitable for high production in a short time. With the Gelato Pro 10K it is possible to vary the rotation speed ( 60 to 130 rpm) of the mixing paddle for the best results of each recipe!

  • The mixing paddle motor is controlled with an electronic inverter.
  • The Gelato Pro 10K is equipped with brakes fitted wheels making it easy to move where needed.
  • Cleaning is easy thanks to the drain valve provided.
  • The AISI 304 stainless steel mixing paddle features adjustable scrapers
  • Makes – 2,2 Kg (2,1 Qt.) / Cycle – 10 Kg / (15 Qt. / h

Technical Data 

  • Dimensions: 770(l) x  500(d) x  880(h)
  • Weight Kg: 67.00 Supply:
  • Electricity  Volt: 230 KW el.: 1 Freq.: 50 Phase: 1F+N
  • Ref. Gas.: R404A RPM: 100
  • Capacity: 6,0LT
  • Production: 10,0KG/H

To find out more about this product:

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Purpose built coldrooms cost less than you think

coldroomsKeeping food and raw ingredients fresh is often one of the hardest challenges in the food industry today. Consumers now depend fresh produce from the kitchen to their plate. From a small kitchen to an industrial unit, coldrooms are often the most important investment a business will make, but you maybe surprised to know the can cost alot less than you think! Take for example the refrigerated coldrooms example below.

It provides easy maintenance. Quality is assured. 85mm thick panels built in galvanised steel. Phenolic resin floor. Door can be on either side with a left or right hand hinge and can be made upto 2170 deep which makes it ideal for any small kitchen.

If your business works on a larger scale then larger industrial unit maybe what you are looking for, this is a great example:

coldroomsThe panels are connected using a special Click-joining that provides maximum thermal insulation, facilitates multiple assembling and disassembling

  • 100% panel air-tightness
  • Reliable protection of the panel sides ensured by shock- and frost-proof PVC profiles
  • Multilayer panel protection guarantees their long-term viability and resistance against corrosive environment
  • Medium-temperature + low-temperature made of 80 mm thick panels
  • Emergency opening button installed inside the swinging door lock
  • Pressure compensation valve and door aperture heating are available as additional options for low-temperature coldrooms EASY TO INSTALL:
  • All coldrooms are provided with the necessary set of parts and materials for installation
  • Coldroom assembly takes a few hours (it takes from two to three hours to install a coldroom of 20 cubic meters)
  • The structure of door hinges allows to install swinging doors either on the left or the right side of the coldroom CONVENIENCE OF USE:
  • Moisture withdrawal from the inside of the coldroom in high humidity
  • Even distribution of cold air within the coldroom

To find out more about these coldrooms please click here:


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Multidecks are a fantastic marketing tool

Many businesses underestimate the power of effectively displaying products where customers can see them. In the food industry multidecks are a fantastic way to promote chilled products within the customers eye line, they not only make a fantastic marketing tool but also have a self service element, reducing the need for behind counter storage which staff have to access and serve. Multidecks come in a wide range of sizes and designs, catering for all aspects of the refridgerated food industry. One of the most popular multidecks is the Multideck ONLY 545 DEEP , 3 shelves, +4 °C/+8 ( 4 Sizes).

multideckThis is a refrigerated wall cabinet for self service sale, created for displaying: dairy products, cheese, soft drinks, packaged food products. As it is only 545mm depth, the refrigerated wall cabinet is suitable for shops with a small room capacity. This model has 3 refrigerated moveable shelves of stainless steel 304 with aluminum price holder, upper lighting, automatic defrosting and an electric evaporation of the defrost water.

Choose from a selection of sizes from the drop down box.

  • Temperature +4 °C/+8 °C
  • Room Temp.: +25 °C
  • Ref. Gas.: R404A
  • 3 Pin plug required
  • Average Delivery Timescale: 7 working days

You can find out more information about this product and buy online here:

multideckAnother popular mulitdeck which is ideal for bakeries, deli’s and butchers is the fantastic looking RC220. It comes with curtain. Undershelf LED lighting. Castors for easy positioning. 4 castors with 2 brakes. Toughened safety glass on sides. Digital temperature control.

  • Dimensions: L600 D494 H1880
  • Kg: 112.00
  • Volt: 230 KW el.: 0,31 Freq.:
  • 3 pin Plug Required
  •  50 Phase: 1F+N
  • Temperature +2 °C/+12 °C
  • Subject To Availability Delivery Timescale: 7 -21 Working Days

Find out more about this multideck:

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Coffee Shop Owners – Do you have the correct Coffee Machine?

Coffee shops are fast becoming one of the most popular retailers on the high street. With so many different coffee shops now taking pride  of place on the high street, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge in itself. The equipment you use in your premises doesn’t have to add to that challenge. The coffee machine is usually without doubt one of the most important pieces of equipment in a coffee shop, so choosing a quality coffee machine which will serve you and your business for many year is an important task.

Caterhut offer a wide range of coffee machines and beverage machines, manufactured by large international brands which come with manufacturers warranty and great after-sales support on all coffee machine products from Caterhut.

efb0001One of the most popular coffee machine which Caterhut offer is the automatic coffee brewer with 2 decanters. The trusty workhorse is available with both manual and automatic water filling. The brewers have hotplates and the brewers with automatic water supply have electronic timers and a signal when the coffee is ready. The brewing volume, 4-12 cups, is easy to adjust at the front of the machine. 1.8 litre serving decanters are included with all models. Coffee brewers with automatic water filling are provided with a connection hose for the water.

For more information on this coffee machine:

If your business is a little larger and sells a few more cups than a smaller shop then a double unit could be the perfect item for you.

efb0004The automatic coffee brewer with 4 1.8 litre decanters, this is the ideal coffee machine unit for a larger coffee shop. The specification for this unit is:

  • Dimensions: L410 D360 H430
  • Weight kg: 16.00
  • Supply: Electricity 3 Pin Plug Required
  • Volt: 230 KW el.: 4,8 Freq.: 50-60 Phase: 1F+N
  • Capacity: Decanter 1,8Lt. Production: AUTOMATIC Control:
  • Average Delivery Timescale: 5-7 Working Days

Find out more about this unit and buy online:

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Choose the correct Pizza Ovens for your business

If you’re setting up a new business or updating your current business, choosing the correct equipment for the job can be a long and challenging task, with a huge range of options and brands, choosing the correct one can take time. If you own a pizzeria or are looking to establish a pizzeria, then pizza ovens with be the first items on the shopping list. There are many different options for pizza ovens including single deck, twin deck, triple deck and conveyor belt commercial pizza ovens. There are also more specialist units including rotary ovens and wood burning pizza ovens. There is also a choice between gas and electric for all the deck types, which will usually depend on the services provided in your commercial kitchen.

Caterhut offer a comprehensive range of pizza ovens, including the more specialist units. Caterhut offers a range from international manufacturers, all of which are brand new and come with manufacturers warranty, this is backed up by the expert support provided by Caterhut.

One of the best selling pizza ovens offered by Caterhut is the Zanolli 06/40VG 16″ gas pizza ovens which come with a 50cm belt. This is a great pizza oven for any small to medium sizes pizzeria. It’s the smallest of Zanolli conveyor ovens, the 06/40 has a 40cm(16″) wide conveyor belt and a 58cm(23″) chamber length. It’s an excellent oven for shops with a smaller pizza output, but can be stacked three high to increase production without taking up much space in the kitchen. This oven is available in gas or electric power. The electric oven can be supplied 3 phase only. The gas version has a 13amp, 3 pin plug to power the control panel.

Zanolli pizza ovensSome of the features of Zanolli pizza ovens are:

  • Belt Width: 16″ (400mm)
  • Baking Zone: 22″ (560mm) Output: 26 x 12″ pizzas / hour (Estimated) Based on manufacturer’s estimates using a 4 minute bake.
  • External Dimensions: 103 x 130 x 106cm h (W x D x H)
  • Power Supply: Gas (29,000 BTU’s )
  • 1/2″ connection required
  • Pizza Stand Included with all ovens
  • This oven is available in gas or electric power.
  • The electric oven can be supplied 3 phase only. The gas version has a 13amp, 3 pin plug to power the control panel.

Find out more about this pizza oven here:

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Quality cooking equipment from the Caterhut online Superstore

When it comes to cooking equipment there is only place you should look, that’s which is fast becoming one of the best online superstores for quality cooking equipment at competitive prices. With their Price Match Promise, Free UK Mainland Delivery and over 8,000 products available, they are at the forefront of online catering equipment products. Caterhut offer everything from grills and ovens, right through to fryers and snack machines, offering worldwide brands such as Sergas, Zanolli, Cuppone, Falcon, Samsung and many other leading brands.

cooking equipmentSome of the most popular cooking equipment items which Caterhut offer are commercial ovens, The Alto-Shaam Cook & Hold Series can cook, roast, re-heat and hold all in the same cabinet freeing up space in the kitchen and with its set-and-forget controls a better distribution of work load can be achieved with ease.

Halo Heat is a controlled, uniform heat source that maintains close temperature tolerances throughout the cooking and holding function. Offers uniform and consistent cooking on a daily basis, low shrinkage of bulk or portion-cut protein items, higher food moisture content, and significantly longer holding life.

  • Cooks, roasts, re-heats, and holds in the same cabinet with set-and-forget controls to provide a better distribution of work loads.
  • Cooks by time and automatically converts from cook mode to hold mode.
  • Simple manual controls make adjusting time and temperature settings easy.
  • Stackable design for additional capacity.
  • Oven hoods, outside venting, and fire extinguisher systems are not required (in most areas)

cooking equipment fryerAnother really popular cooking equipment item is the twin tank gas fryers, The Anets SLG4040 is one of the best selling fryers on the market. The SLG40 is fitted with a push button ignition for easy lighting. Model: SLG4040 – Twin tank gas fryer Fitted with push button ignition for easy lighting – 180,000 btu – 20 + 20 ltr capacity. Supplied with castors as standard. This Anets fryer offers exceptional value for money and reliability.

  • Twin tank gas fryer – supplied with 2 frying baskets per tank, as standard
  • Oil Capacity – 20 + 20 litre 2 x Unique tapered eliptical burner tubes, per tank, provides 14% more heat transfer than standard burners
  • High Output = 120lbs (55kg) of fries per hour Push button pulse ignition for easy lighting Millivolt controls require no electrical feed
  • Frying area 360 x 370mm 304 stainless steel fry tank Stainless steel exterior door, front facia, and rear flue.
  • Supplied with large sloped cool zone – extends oil life and eases emtying
  • Fitted with large 1 1/4″ drain off valve – prevents blockages Supplied with castors as standard
  • Dimensions 800w x 700d x 930h
  • Power Gas – 53kw – 2 x 1/2″ gas supply ( hose required)
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