Ice cream display from a fridge to an ice cream maker

Everyone loves an ice cream on a hot summers day but how are you displaying your ice cream? You might have the most amazing ice cream but unless it looks amazing, sales can be a struggle. Ice cream display units are a fantastic way to advertise your product instead of keeping it hidden away in a conventional fridge. Find out more about Caterhut ice cream display units here:

Another great item which is a must for all ice cream outlets is an ice cream maker, once of the most popular on market is the GELATO 10K Ice Cream Maker 10kg/per hour, Manufactured in Italy.

ice cream displayGelato Pro 10K. Powerful and easy to use. It is suitable for high production in a short time. With the Gelato Pro 10K it is possible to vary the rotation speed ( 60 to 130 rpm) of the mixing paddle for the best results of each recipe!

  • The mixing paddle motor is controlled with an electronic inverter.
  • The Gelato Pro 10K is equipped with brakes fitted wheels making it easy to move where needed.
  • Cleaning is easy thanks to the drain valve provided.
  • The AISI 304 stainless steel mixing paddle features adjustable scrapers
  • Makes – 2,2 Kg (2,1 Qt.) / Cycle – 10 Kg / (15 Qt. / h

Technical Data 

  • Dimensions: 770(l) x  500(d) x  880(h)
  • Weight Kg: 67.00 Supply:
  • Electricity  Volt: 230 KW el.: 1 Freq.: 50 Phase: 1F+N
  • Ref. Gas.: R404A RPM: 100
  • Capacity: 6,0LT
  • Production: 10,0KG/H

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