Purpose built coldrooms cost less than you think

coldroomsKeeping food and raw ingredients fresh is often one of the hardest challenges in the food industry today. Consumers now depend fresh produce from the kitchen to their plate. From a small kitchen to an industrial unit, coldrooms are often the most important investment a business will make, but you maybe surprised to know the can cost alot less than you think! Take for example the refrigerated coldrooms example below.


It provides easy maintenance. Quality is assured. 85mm thick panels built in galvanised steel. Phenolic resin floor. Door can be on either side with a left or right hand hinge and can be made upto 2170 deep which makes it ideal for any small kitchen.

If your business works on a larger scale then larger industrial unit maybe what you are looking for, this is a great example:

coldroomsThe panels are connected using a special Click-joining that provides maximum thermal insulation, facilitates multiple assembling and disassembling

  • 100% panel air-tightness
  • Reliable protection of the panel sides ensured by shock- and frost-proof PVC profiles
  • Multilayer panel protection guarantees their long-term viability and resistance against corrosive environment
  • Medium-temperature + low-temperature made of 80 mm thick panels
  • Emergency opening button installed inside the swinging door lock
  • Pressure compensation valve and door aperture heating are available as additional options for low-temperature coldrooms EASY TO INSTALL:
  • All coldrooms are provided with the necessary set of parts and materials for installation
  • Coldroom assembly takes a few hours (it takes from two to three hours to install a coldroom of 20 cubic meters)
  • The structure of door hinges allows to install swinging doors either on the left or the right side of the coldroom CONVENIENCE OF USE:
  • Moisture withdrawal from the inside of the coldroom in high humidity
  • Even distribution of cold air within the coldroom

To find out more about these coldrooms please click here: http://www.caterhut.co.uk/coldroom-in-progress.html


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